Asset Management

Any organization's ability to operate effectively and sustainably depends on its ability to actively manage its assets. The fundamental tenet of CONTRADE is to make targeted repairs and maintenance interventions to maintain an asset's functionality and lengthen its useful life. We think that a company can see considerable financial and performance/service benefits with a sound asset management approach. Additionally, it has a favorable effect on operations. With a comprehensive understanding of an asset's condition, location, and next maintenance or replacement date provided by CONTRADE's proactive asset management strategy, effective planned maintenance is made possible, and backlog liabilities are decreased. For asset maintenance, asset tracking, and the planning of complex maintenance, repair, and overhaul, CONTRADE employs Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (Oracle eAM). The software is easy to use and customizable to the requirements of the end user. Some of the key experiences we have achieved are:

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Asset Management

  • A single maintenance system throughout the organization
  • Better integration between stores and maintenance
  • Comprehensive asset and component history
  • Focus on preventive maintenance, driving better asset reliability
  • Better management of maintenance workload
  • Standardized asset information and maintenance procedure
  • Ability to analyze asset and maintenance department

Contrade delivers the right building solutions, at the right time.

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